Friday 17 June 2011

On 10th April while watching the Purple Heron, we were surprised to see a Bat flying around College Reservoir near Penryn. To see bats during the day is unusual, one reason for it to be out is, when bats emerge from hibernation they are both hungry and de-hydrated after their winter snooze. They need to quickly find food and water, not only to build their strenth but also to kick start their excretory system. so the sooner they start eating and drinking the better. Not having a clue to it's identity we contacted "BATMAN" Daniel Eva, our local Bat expert to come and see the video. He thinks it's a Daubenton's Bat by it's feeding habit of picking insects from the surface of the water.

The fascinating subject of bats can be looked at by going to the Cornwall Bat Group website, using this link.


  1. Excellent filming for these fast moving critters.

  2. Great captures,day flying bat on film.
    Amazing stuff.