Sunday 17 April 2011

Montagu's Harrier. Croft Pascoe, The Lizard Peninsular. 17/04/2011

Montagu's Harriers no longer breed in Cornwall, and are now rare passage migrants with only one or two sightings annually. So, when a male was reported at Croft Pascoe on Saturday, there was only one place Kate and I were going to be on Sunday. Fortunately on our arrival Steve Kolodjedski had just re-found it just south of the wood. It was flying away and almost out of sight when Royston Wilkins(who hadn't yet seen it) arrived in his van. I jumped in and we drove slowly down the road in "HOT PURSUIT". To both of our amazement it was sitting on the heath about 20 yards from the road eating prey. We both watched it for a while until it lifted off and started hunting again. We were all treated to some of the best views we've ever had of a Monty's, and for one or two lucky birders there it was a lifer. Luckily I was able to keep a steady hand for once.......It was simply Fantastic!!!......Thanks for the lift Royst!

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