Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hoopoe, Lower Bosistow Farm, Polgigga

Caught up with one of the two Hoopoes at Bosistow this afternoon, it showed well on and off for over an hour. Just can't get enough of these exotic migrants!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Night Heron, Polgigga, St Leven, Cornwall

It's been several years since I last saw a Night Heron in Cornwall,so when news of this adult at the duck pond in Polgigga, West Cornwall broke it was too good an opportunity to miss. As their name suggests they are birds of the night, so initially it was content to roost in the dense vegitation on the island. it stayed hidden for a couple of hours or more , but when it eventually ventured out into the open..... "WOW"!!!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bufflehead. Trelusback Farm, Penhalvean, nr Stithians, Cornwall

I received a phone call at 5pm today from Keith Wilson from Trelusback Farm, Penhalvean, nr Stithians, to say he had a small duck with a white cheek patch on his lake, and did I know what it could be?. I replied, it could be a Bufflehead I'll be right over!!! Kate and I jumped into the car and went to have a look, and sure enough it was as I suspected a Bufflehead, probably the loe pool bird as it was in the same juv/female plumage. As it was on a small lake, views were down to about 20-30 metres and as it was associating with Tufted Ducks size comparisons could be made.