Sunday 7 July 2013

High Brown Fritillary on Dartmoor

Aish Tor on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon is one of the South West's strongholds for the nationally rare High Brown Fritillary. The population here appeared very healthy as on this hot sunny day we encountered well over forty butterflies, most in pristine condition. Several mating pairs were observed as well as females ovipositing in the undergrowth hopefully ensuring next years generation. Good numbers of their close relative the Dark Green Fritillary were also on the wing causing a little confusion at times but it seemed that the majority of identifiable views were of High Browns. Great news for the future of this beautiful and rare butterfly.


  1. Perfection,a treat to see.
    Fantastic high numbers,must go up soon.

  2. Thanks John. Best get there in the next week if you can to see them in their full glory I think. give me a shout re their location if you don't already know.