Sunday 12 May 2013

Drake Garganey. Helston Boating Lake.

 This afternoon Kate and I visited Helston to see a splendid drake Garganey that was found earlier today on the boating lake by our good friend Steve Rogers. Garganey breed throughout mainland Europe with a few pairs breeding in Britain. Here in Cornwall they are usually only seen on Spring and Autumn passage. They are usually timid ducks often found on vegetated lakes, It's not very often you get the chance to have really good views of them but this one had nowhere to hide on this small boating lake so was easy to see even though it spent most of the time out in the middle of the lake. Fortunately after spending nearly two hours hoping for some closer encounters it decided to come out on to the pool side where it had a brief preen before returning to the water. What an opportunity to see up-close this really beautiful duck! All thanks to Steve! Cheers mate!

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